KOnsert frá Hofi – IS2010156107

8.88 is the magic number from June, 2014, when Konsert as a 4-year-old stallion won Landsmót in Hella with this outstanding score for ridden abilities … including 10 for tölt! But let us start from the beginning …

It was in the autumn of 2013 that Frans had learned of a highly talented young horse in Iceland, 3 years of age at the time, that was recommended to him as a “potentially good choice” to be a promising future breeding stallion. His father, Ómur frá Kvistum, was already very well known as a two-time Landsmót Champion in the breeding classes (Hella, 2008) and in the A-flokkur of Gæðingakeppni (Vindheimamelar, 2011). Konsert’s mother Kantata also appeared to be an extremely exciting 1st-Prize mare with the genes of such greats as Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum and Víkingur frá Voðmúlastöðum in her lineage.

Plans were made to visit Konsert at his breeders’ farm in the North of Iceland, and what Frans saw at Jón’s and Eline’s place cemented one idea in particular in his memory: “Konsert has so much air under him”, Frans would recall whenever he was asked later about his first impression of this 3-year-old youngster.

After Frans and Konsert’s breeders had agreed on the terms of the stallion’s sale, it was decided to keep Konsert in Iceland, for him to be trained by Agnar Þór Magnússon for a breeding show and to have an open mind to making new plans thereafter …

What followed is history: Konsert’s first breeding show in May of 2014 was held in Hafnarfjörður, and he already brought home a 1st-Prize score of 8.48 + 8.17 (shown without pace at that time but with outstanding 9.5 points each for tölt and spirit) = 8.30. Needless to say that he had qualified for Landsmót in the class of 4-year-old stallions. Just five weeks later and having rested well after the first show in Hafnarfjörður, Konsert and Agnar were back on track – this time on the big stage in front of more than 10,000 people at Landsmót in Hella.

The crowd enthusiastically cheered him on, and Konsert delivered a performance that was no less than stunning: 10 for tölt, 9.5 each for spirit and form, a ridden-abilities score of 8.88 (never before seen in a 4-year-old horse) and the victory at Landsmót!

In the following years up until the summer of 2020, Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson has been Konsert’s trainer, and they were a very good pair that performed successfully in competitions from T1 to Gæðingafimi and also presented Konsert’s great skills in a series of memorable performances at prestigious events like Stóðhestaveislan, Ræktun and many more.

After Frans had already been awarded a trophy in Konsert’s honor after the stallion’s excellent performance back at Landsmót 2014, receiving 1st Prize for offspring in June of 2020 at the Breeding Festival in Hella was a magnificent honor and well-deserved reward for Konsert whose many outstanding qualities live on in a great variety of younger breeding horses already … and will in the future when he shall be getting ready to serve the continental market, beginning in 2021.

Konsert has now left Iceland after another strong covering season in the Land of Fire and Ice and has arrived safe and sound at his new home with Lisa Drath in Germany. He will have time to settle in peacefully, and after that well-deserved break we will start making plans for the future 🙂


F: IS2003181962 Ómur frá Kvistum     
FM: IS1995184651 Víglundur frá Vestra-Fíflholti
FM: IS1997287042 Orka frá Hvammi

M: IS2004256111 Kantata frá Hofi
MF: IS1991158626 Kormákur frá Flugumýri II 
MM: IS1997256113 Varpa frá Hofi 

Breeders: Jón Gíslason, Eline Manon Schrijver
Owner: Frans Goetschalckx

Breeding assessment (FIZO)

8.72 at Landsmót 2014, Hella

Conformation: 8.48
Head – 9.5
Neck-Withers-Shoulder – 8.5
Back-Croup – 7.5
Proportions – 9
Legs: Quality – 8.5
Legs: Correctness – 7.5
Hooves – 8.5
Mane-Tail – 7.5

Ridden Abilities: 8.88
Tölt – 10
Slow Tölt – 9
Trot – 8
Pace – 8
Gallop – 8.5
Canter – 8
Walk – 6
Spirit – 9.5
Form under Rider – 9.5

Rider: Agnar Þór Magnússon
Height at Withers: 146 cm


Enjoy the following selection of videos showing Konsert frá Hofi in different settings from when we first got to see him at his breeders’ home at age 3 in the autumn of 2013 through breeding and stallion shows to these days in competition.

This is how it all began … falling in love with 3-year-old Konsert in the fall of 2013
Konsert at age 4 showing his ridden abilities (8.88 incl. 10 for tölt) at LM 2014 in Hella
Frans being interviewed by isibless after LM 2014 at the stable of Konsert’s father, Ómur frá Kvistum
Konsert in his breeding assessment in the summer of 2016
Ræktun 2016 – Konsert in the show of Iceland’s finest breeding horses at Fákasel