Dear breeders and fans of Konsert frá Hofi,

we are extremely happy to offer you an amazing addition to the continental variety of great DNA. Konsert brings with him some of the most successfully proven genes in all of Iceland, ready to enrich our breeding outside the Land of Fire and Ice from now on and for many generations to come.

Breeding Konsert to your mares is something we want to make as safe and easy as possible for everyone involved, so we have chosen one of the finest clinics in Europe to be our partners in science and logistics along the whole chain of fertility analysis, sperm conservation, shipment and insemination. Konsert stands at over 90% sperm mobility which is truly outstanding and gives us great confidence that breeders all across the continent will benefit from this quality.

Frozen packages will be delivered from and by our partners right to your or your clinic’s doorstep when you have determined that the timing is right for your mare/s to conceive. No more unnecessary tryouts, no travel trouble with mare plus foal and associated “hospitality fees”, zero risk of infection or injury, just an easy right-on-time delivery of your stallion of choice for your beloved breeding mares.

Covering fees:
€ 900 plus VAT = mares with a FIZO assessment >8.00
€ 1.000 plus VAT = mares with a FIZO assessment >7.80
€ 1.100 plus VAT = all other mares
Plus shipping, rates vary based on number of mares served and destination.

April 1, 2021 is when we will be ready to start shipping portions of Konsert’s semen to you, so if you’re interested in covering your mare with not only a Landsmót Champion but a well-proven breeding stallion with 1st Prize for Offspring already, please go to the contact page and send us a pre-registration message of your mare/s with their FEIF IDs together with your contact data. We will then send you by e-mail a full and official registration form.

Here’s a special bonus and great opportunity: Out of all pre-registrations that come in by December 20, 2020, we will draw on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2020) the winner of one free covering by Konsert frá Hofi. The winner will only have to pay the logistics fee but will receive free of charge a portion of Konsert’s DNA for his/her mare.

Thanks again for visiting our website and for enjoying Konsert frá Hofi.